Concentric/RhinoTrac Complete Carton Flow & Pallet Flow Catalog 2019
View information on Dura-Flex and Dura-Flo full-bed roller carton flow, Dura-Flo D2 Low-Profile carton flow and RhinoTrac and RhinoDeck Full-width aluminum roller shelving units. Pallet Flow options and braking features are also included in this complete Concentric Storage Systems product offering brochure.

Dura-Flex, Dura-Flo, D2 and RhinoTrac Heavy-Duty Carton Flow 2019 Brochure
View information on Dura-Flex and Dura-Flo superior carton flow systems with full-bed roller carton flow shelving units.  Dura-Flex and Dura-Flo features include high-strength wheels, solid steel, lubricated axles and specially designed channels for better strength to guarantee carton flow.