Wide Roller Dimensions and Specifications

Wide Roller Pallet Flow Dimensions

Wide/Metal Roller Pallet Flow Systems Product Specifications

Item Application Characteristics
Steel Roller FIFO and LIFO systems handling plastic pallets, multiple pallets or slip sheets. Load Capacity: 200 lbs. per roller; diameter 1.9″, length from 4.25 to 60 inches. Offered in galvanized or plain steel, 12 to 16 gauge wall thickness.
Speed Controller Controls the speed of the pallet in Wide/Metal Roller Systems. Design: a centrifugal brake plate, rotated by two-stage planetary gear mechanism. The outer hub of the mechanism has polyurethane over mold that ensures high friction contact with the pallet. Other construction materials are engineered high strength resins for all moving parts and galvanized metal hardware. All materials were selected to ensure maximum durability and reliability of the unit. The brake is maintenance free.
Steel Roller Tracks Used in light to heavy pallet flow applications where pallets have inconsistent bottom surface, plastic pallets. Great for slip sheet flow. Steel rollers in single, double and triple track configurations are available depending on requirements.

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