Replacement Rollers for Gravity Flow Systems

replacement-rollersReplacement rollers are available for all style pallet flow systems in either a 1.38” diameter by 18 gauge model, or a 1.9” diameter by 16 gauge model, our durable replacement rollers can fit easily into all standard gravity flow racking systems. Some of these options include galvanized or non-galvanized exteriors, light oil or grease pack lubricated ball bearings, and hex or round shafts of differing diameters.

Other design features from which you will be able to choose when browsing our selection of replacement rollers include:

  • Galvanized or non-galvanized components
  • Hex or round shafts in measurements of 5/16” and 7/16” or 1/4” and 5/16”, respectively
  • Light oil or grease pack ball bearings

Damaged or broken rollers can lead to complications for your inventory management system, causing hang-ups and reducing flow volume. With dependable, durable replacement rollers from you can easily swap out defective rollers and get your supply chain flowing again.

Contact Concentric Storage for engineering guidance and help in selecting the correct size and proper fit for your specific pallet flow system.  Send photos of your system or any details to [email protected] and let us fix poor flowing systems.