Pallet Flow Track Solutions for Even the Most Unreliable Pallet Types

Wide Roller with Pallets at Loading SideFor Flow Track that provides a stable, predictable rolling surface, a full-width metal roller system from Concentric Storage Systems is the ideal solution. Whether you need a system capable of transporting slip sheets, skids and other shipping containers or operating in -40° F freezer environments, our Engineers can rapidly develop an effective solution and conduct extensive testing to ensure that your pallet flow track will offer an outstanding level of performance.

With installations from nearly every pallet racking manufacturer, Concentric has the experience and system knowledge needed for guaranteed pallet flow.

Full-Width Metal Roller Pallet Flow Benefits:

  • Load capacities from 50 to 5,000 lbs.
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Maintenance free bearing materials
  • 1.9” diameter rollers available on 2, 3, or 4 inch centers
  • Speed controllers to control pallet speed in deep flow applications
  • Galvanized or oil finish
  • 2 and 3 track systems available using narrower tracks with options ranging from 4.25” up to 52” between frames
  • Wide surface to help damaged or inconsistent pallets flow properly

When you choose a Flow Track from CSS, you will not only receive an effective storage system, but also our outstanding customer support. Our teams will provide expertise to quickly solve any issues that could interfere with your pallet flow rollers’ performance. We also back up all of our systems with a warranty for peace of mind and pallet flow system investment protection.

Wide Roller Applications

  • Plastic Pallets

  • Skids

  • Wire Baskets

  • Slip Sheets

  • Corrugated Skids

  • Plastic Returnable Shipping Containers

  • Odd-Sized Pallets

  • Pallets with bottom runners parallel to flow direction

Rollers Create Full Contact with Pallets

Wide Roller Pallet Flow Full Contact

Perfect application for:

  • Plastic Pallets

  • Metal Pallets

  • Plastic Containers

  • Pallets with Bottom Boards Parallel to Flow Direction

A system utilizing Full-Width Steel Rollers will more than pay for itself by eliminating the frustration that comes from trying to flow difficult pallets or containers on standard pallet flow systems.  Because pallet to roller continuous contact offers forgiveness with pallet placement and pallet condition.