Dura-Flex Carton Flow Storage Systems

Dura-Flex Carton Flow Tracks

Dura-Flex Continuous roller bed

Dura- Flex™ Carton Flow with pre-assembled tracks are designed to fit existing rack systems adding a continuous bed of rollers for reliable flow. Installation is easy and requires no tools because Dura-Flex™ carton flow simply drops right into any manufacturers rack with adjustable end brackets for the perfect fit.

Works with any size carton and maximizes shelf space because the full bed of rollers does not need individual tracks or lanes.  Flow any box any where on your shelf.

Dura-Flex™ is more abuse resistant than standard carton flow individual tracks and is designed for years of service and reliable flow.

Dura-Flex Carton Flow end Bracket

Dura-Flex slotted adjustable end bracket

  • 1.9″ diameter wheels provide more rolling surface for better package and carton support
  • Slotted end connectors are adjustable to create proper pitch and flow with easy on-site adjustment
  • Continuous bed of rollers provides the ultimate flexibility – instantly change-out inventory box sizes without changing your carton flow roller configuration
  • Maintenance-free high strength wheels can even be used in a wash-down environment
  • Ideal pick system for manufacturing and assembly lines.
  • Special lubrication-coated axles provide smooth carton flow rails with virtually no hang-ups.
  • Superior strength from specially designed C-channels.

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