Metal Skate Wheel Specifications

Pallet Flow Skate Wheel Dimensions
Staggered Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet flow from Concentric Storage with 1.9″ diameter sturdy metal wheels are available in both in-line or staggered configurations depending on pallets and applications.

Staggered wheels provide more pallet contact for heavier loads or pallets that are less than perfect.  Overall 2.5″ high lane height fits into step of pallet rack beam sloped shelves.

Heavy-Duty Metal Stops

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet FlowEvery pallet flow lanes comes with a pre-installed sturdy metal stop to keep pallets from flowing into aisles.

Double connected at the end of rails, these solid steel stops with upturned lip provide a solid ramp stop.

The highly engineered, slight incline of each integrated stop allows pallets a more cushioned stop.

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow