Pallet Flow Reverse Stops

Reverse stops are designed to be installed directly on the beams of the pallet rack system. They also keep pallets from being discharged off the back (entry) end of the system. This product is great for heavy-duty applications and also existing pallet flow systems. Pallet Flow Reverse stops can integrate into both roll-formed and structural pallet rack systems providing safe pallet flow. reversestop

Reverse Stop Operation

reversestop_step1 Step 1:
The reverse stop rests against the beam in a vertical upright position.
reversestop_step2 Step 2:
The reverse stop tilts forward to allow pallets to load onto the system.
reversestop_step3 Step 3:
The reverse stop tilts back up vertically after pallet passes through.
reversestop_step4 Step 4:
The reverse stop prevents pallets from moving back as forklift operators plug the load while unloading pallets from the exit end of the system.
reversestop_step5 Step 5:
Pallets advance forward preparing for next loading / unloading from the system.