Plastic Wheel Pallet Flow Systems

palletflowCreative Storage’s deep Pallet Flow Systems are designed for first-in-first-out (FIFO) applications. These types of bulk material handling systems yield a faster inventory turnaround which aids in protecting dated products. Our modern material handling equipment can hold a high number of pallets while maintaining a low number of SKUs.

FIFO – “First-In-First-Out” Inventory
Understanding FIFO requirements is beneficial when handling material that is date sensitive or perishable.

Reduced Labor & Equipment Cost
Forklifts have shorter distances to travel reducing labor cost as well as the number of forklifts required.

Organized Inventory
Our innovative pallet flow system solutions contribute to faster, more efficient order fulfillment.

Inventory Audits
Performed in less time with increased accuracy using pallet flow systems.

Less Pilferage & Product Damage
When pick faces are reduced, pilferage is decreased (less access to the product). Also, minimum material handling ensures less product damage.

Increased Safety
Fewer aisles provide a safer environment for pedestrian traffic throughout the warehouse.

Reduced Overhead Expenses
Reduced warehouse space equals energy savings. Reduced number of forklifts equals lower equipment maintenance cost and also less space required for maintenance due to pallet flow systems.

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