Plastic Wheel Pallet Flow Systems

Deep Lane Pallet Flow System with Plastic WheelsConcentric Storage System’s Deep Pallet Flow Systems are designed for first-in-first-out (FIFO) applications. Bulk material handling systems yield a faster inventory turnaround which aids in protecting dated products. Our modern material handling equipment can hold up to 25 pallets deep.

FIFO – “First-In-First-Out” Inventory
Automatic rotation and FIFO requirements are perfect when product is date sensitive or perishable.

Reduced Labor & Equipment Cost
Forklifts have shorter distances to travel reducing labor cost as well as the number of forklifts required because pallets flow to picking position automatically.

Organized Inventory
Innovative gravity flow solutions contribute to faster, more efficient order fulfillment with automatic rotation.

Less Product Damage
When pick faces are reduced and pallets automatically flow at a controlled speed less product damage occurs because of less material handling.

Increased Safety
Fewer aisles provide a safer environment for pedestrian traffic throughout the warehouse.

Reduced Overhead Expenses
Reduced warehouse space equals energy savings and the reduced number of forklifts equals lower equipment maintenance costs.  In addition, few aisles means less building space to help keep capital costs at a minimum.

Plastic Wheel Product Specifications

Steel Pallet Flow End Stops

  • Heavy-Duty metal end stops securely and safely make sure your pallet flow lanes can withstand the day-to-day beating occurs in warehouse daily operations.
  • Solid-steel, powder-coated stops come pre-installed on every lane
Pallet Flow Metal End Stop

Engineered Braking Systems

Pallet Flow Brake
  • Highly-engineered braking systems can flow up to 25 pallets deep for dense storage which can drastically increase space utilization with fewer aisles
  • 3-track systems use a single rail on either side and a double wheel pattern with brakes in the center to control the speed for deeper lanes
  • Brakes can be spaced differently for customized flow of the recommended speed of 40 to 60 feet per minute
  • Pallets come to rest safely in the picking position every time
  • Alternate wheel patterns are available for heavier loads and/or applications with poor quality pallets

All pallets are not the same and that is why Concentric Storage Systems has such a wide variety of options for standard GMA pallets, block pallets, plastic pallets and even containers and metal pallets. 

Let us get your product to the picking position.