Dura-Load Freewheeler Pick Systems

duraloadThe Dura-Load FreeWheeler™ Systems are technological breakthrough in the dynamic storage and movement of products. They accommodate loads of light to heavy pallets for case picking. The systems are a unique combination of engineered resin formulations, advanced wheel design and unique metallurgical advancements. By combining all these elements we are able to provide a rolling surface consisting of wheels with permanent inherent lubrication and strength of 150 to 250 pounds with a significantly lower coefficient of friction.

Features and Benefits of our Dura-Load Systems are:

  • 1.9” X 1.00” wheel provides wider flow surface vs. standard steel wheel systems
  • 5/16” axle that provides support to poor quality pallets
  • Variety of Channel sizes 2.5”, 3”, 4.25” accommodating all pallet sizes
  • Variety of gauges available which allows for ease of flow for heavy pallets
  • Ideal for replacement of steel skate wheel systems because of:
    • Lower costs
    • Fewer hang-ups
    • Higher capacity
    • Better ergonomics
    • Less maintenance
    • Wash down capable

These innovative bulk material handling systems are primarily used in moderate throughput applications.