brakesConcentric Storage Systems speed controllers are manufactured with a high strength, glass reinforced, engineered resin with molded-in metal reinforcements in all high stress areas. Each speed controller is permanently lubricated with a special high / low temperature lubricant which requires no further maintenance. All speed controllers are installed in the factory with our patented gravity conveyor roller brake mounts.

Components That Make Up The Brake

Face Plate & Screws: The faceplate is reinforced with ribs and an extended inner lip to add dimensional and structural strength to the roller brake with reinforced plastite screw holds.

Bearings: Semi-sealed bearings of the gravity conveyor roller brake are lubricated for life.

Internal Gears: Gears of the gravity conveyor roller brake are molded using a resin that provides high strength dimensional stability, chemical resistance and lubricity.

Hub And Overmold: The hub is manufactured in 30% glass reinforced engineered resin. The plastic was chosen for the overmold because of its strength and durability. The chemical bond between the overmold and the engineered resin hub locks the two together.

Spring Plate: The extra thickness in all stress areas provides additional strength and longer spring life. The spring plate’s gear teeth have a strong inner pitch, which reinforce the load bearing area with additional mass.

Pads: The specially textured polyurethane overmold provides more friction to the surface of the gravity conveyor roller brake.

2 Gear Hub: The solid gear post supports are made of a glass reinforced self-lubricating material. Raised seats provide a solid base for the gear face. The gears are secured in place with Plastite screws and metal integrated discs.

3 Gear Hub: All the characteristics of the 2 gear hub with the addition of a 10 gauge hexagonal inner support member molded around a hexagonal axis.