The Widest Range of Pallet Flow Options in the Industry

Plasatic Pallet Flow Rack

Plastic Pallet Flow Wheels

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

Wide Roller Pallet Flow Lanes

Wide Metal Roller Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow systems work with gravity and sloped shelves of pallet rack to get pallets to the picking position on the aisle automatically.  Concentric Storage has options in plastic wheel, metal rollers or metal skate wheels and an endless arrangement of configurations for any possible pallet flow application or any type of pallet.

Pallet Flow Video Overview

Concentric Storage Pallet Flow Options

Plastic Wheel Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow lanes with plastic wheels are available with wheels in various patterns. Available wheel patterns include single in-line wheels, double staggered wheels, or triple staggered wheels. For the majority of applications, a 3-track system is designed with brakes in the center track.  The most common 3-track pallet flow option is to use single in-line wheel tracks on either side of a double staggered brake channel track in the center.  For heavier applications or for applications with poor quality pallets, a double staggered or triple staggered wheel rail can be used to improve performance.

  • Polycarbonate material blend
  • Lubricated bearings
  • Sealed bearings for any environment

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow LanesFor Pallet Flow systems that are 2-Deep or 3-Deep and do not require brakes, metal skate wheels are an economical option. Lanes are available with in-line metal wheels or a staggered configuration.  This option is a light-duty choice for pick from pallet applications with capacities of 100 lbs. per wheel.

• No assembly is required
• Easily mounts to any pallet rack step beam
• Metal stops at end of all tracks keep pallets in the rack

Metal Roller Pallet Flow – Wide-Roller

Wide Metal Roller Pallet FlowMetal Roller Pallet Flow is available with roller widths from 4.25 to 54″ wide.  This option offers versatile solutions for pallets that are hard to flow, metal pallets or plastic pallets.  Wide rollers pallet flow can be engineered on 2″, 3″ or 4″ centers in a variety of split rail system configurations for any type of pallet.  The extra width of each roller provides continuous pallet contact with rollers for smooth flow.

• Works best with pallets with bottom boards parallel to direction of flow
• 1.9″ rollers with heavy-duty ball bearings
• Wide-variety of configurations available for custom flow

Pallet Flow Systems from Concentric are some of the most advanced gravity flow solutions due to product testing and individualized, attention to customer specific product flow.  No other company spends more time engineering the exact flow specifications to meet your actual pallet or more time verifying product flow in a test environment.

Options are virtually limitless with the wide assortment of options to flow any metal, plastic or wooden pallet of even the poorest quality with a complete product line of plastic and metal rollers and wheels in infinite configurations.