Pallet Flow Storage Solutions

Pallet Flow Systems from Concentric are some of the most advanced in the world due to product testing and individualized, attention to customer specific product flow.  No other company spends more time engineering the exact flow specifications to meet your actual pallet or more time verifying product flow in a test environment.


Plastic Wheel Pallet Flow Systems

Pallet Flow systems are designed for first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory management, yielding:

  • Faster turnaround time protecting date sensitive products
  • High number of pallets – low number SKUs
  • Elimination of  excess aisles
  • Reduced labor & equipment cost
  • Faster and more accurate inventory audits


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Push Back Systems (Reverse Flow)

Our Push Back System provides a lower cost alternative to our Pallet Flow System if you have bulk storage or handling or when LIFO (last in/first out) is preferable.

  • Increased density
  • Product Accessibility
  • LIFO stock rotation
  • Up to 12 pallets deep
  • Can be converted to pallet flow

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Wide/Metal Roller Systems

Metal rollers are an effective and economical method to flow unique and unusual pallets or containers. Metal rollers must be used when the bottom surface or runners of the container/pallet are parallel to the direction of flow. Excellent rolling surface for:

  • Slip Sheets, Plastic, & Multiple Pallets
  • Skids, Wire Baskets, & Inconsistent Pallets
  • Plastic returnable shipping containers

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