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Concentric Storage Systems

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On-Site Product Demos and Testing

Pallet Flow TestingOur Nashville facility has a full warehouse for product testing and guaranteed gravity flow.  Plastic wheel, metal wheel and wide roller available on-site for product demonstrations.

Concentric on-site testing for pallets of any size and loads of any weight at any level.

Let us show you the proper flow.


Nashville, TN Testing Facility

Full-Scale On-site Testing

Every product is available for real-life pallet flow and carton flow demos

Whether you have a GMA pallet, Chep pallet, block pallet, plastic pallet or even plastic containers with feet, Concentric can show you how to make that pallet flow.

Carton flow on-site testing available with Dura-Flex, Dura-Flo and RhinoTrac lanes with varied carton weights.

The Concentric Storage Systems Promise:

Every pallet flow and carton flow solution offered is available on -site to help show you the best solution for your distribution needs.  Our team will use your product and your pallets to test each solution to make sure that you pick the most cost-effective and durable flow product with any racking manufacturer.