Metal Steel Skate Wheel Pick Systems – Pallet Flow

For 2 deep or 3 deep pallet flow applications, metal skate wheels provide an economical gravity flow solution to flow pallets.  Concentric can engineer wheel centers or configurations based on the pallet weight and pallet board configuration to fit warehouse applications with any manufacturers’ pallet rack installing easily on the step of the beam.

Concentric offers both single in-line wheel configurations and staggered wheels for more pallet support.  The simplest metal wheel pallet flow application has a single lane of metal wheels and a stop on the end to keep pallets from flowing into the aisles.  The wheels can be arranged on 1.5″, 2″ or 3″ centers depending on loads and pallets.  Wheels are 1.9″ in diameter and offer a durable solution to get pallets to the picking position.

For heavier pallets, the metal skate wheel lanes can be arranged in a staggered formation to also offer more pallet support and better flow. Lanes can be arranged to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes.  Anti-backup devices can also be installed for lanes that are 3 pallets deep.

Each wheel has a capacity of 100# per wheel and an a solid solution for pallets with loads of 2000 lbs. or less. This option will work in any warehouse environment because wheels are zinc finished to protect against corrosion or rust.

Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

Durable Metal Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

Available with whees on 1.5, 2″ or 3″ centers

Single Metal Wheel Pallet Flow

Single In-Line Metal Skate Wheel

Staggered Wheel Pallet Flow

Staggered Wheel Configuration

For deeper applications with more than 3 pallets deep, Concentric offers both plastic wheel pallet flow and wide-metal roller pallet flow options with inline brakes and speed control to flow up to 25 pallets deep.