Metal Steel Skate Wheel Pick Systems – Pallet Flow

SKATEWHEELFor more than 20 years, Concentric Storage Systems (CSS) has designed and built efficient pallet pick systems with steel skate wheels for distribution operations throughout North America. We are experts at designing high-density racking systems that offer customers flexibility and efficient warehouse or distribution center operation. Highly skilled Engineers thoroughly analyze your needs and test a number of solutions to determine the most effective option for your unique environment and budget, ensuring you get a system that is both reliable and cost-effective.

High-performance steel skate wheel pick systems fit pallet flow racks from every major manufacturer and skilled Engineers offer fast lead times no matter what type racking is in your current or new warehouse. Concentric Storage Systems staff provides extensive support during installation and will quickly and affordably adjust your designs if any unforeseen environmental problems interfere with your pallet flow system’s performance. Our Pick Systems are made from durable components and are warrantied so you can rest assured that your system will keep your products efficiently moving for years to come.

In addition to Pick Systems, Concentric also offers a wide variety of additional racking equipment, including:

  • Carton Flow Systems
  • Flow Tracks
  • Pallet Flow Systems
  • Push Back Rack Systems

To learn how you can quickly get our affordable, reliable Pick Systems and other warehouse storage equipment for your facility, request a quote from CSS today.