About Us

Concentric Storage Systems is a market leader of dynamic storage systems committed to supplying our customers with a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of high density material storage, movement and inventory management. The engineered carton flow and pallet flow designs of Creative Storage Systems were purchased in 2015 and combined to form a new business company called Concentric Storage Systems. Creative Storage Systems (CSS) experience of over 20 years in the gravity flow industry is now financially strengthened to provide new innovative technology in carton flow and pallet flow along with the same engineering experience and hands-on testing CSS has always been famous for.Dura-Flo-Spring-Loaded-Track-Replacement

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Concentric Storage Systems puts innovation in motion through metal and polycarbonate wheels used to flow any size or condition pallet through your shelving system and improve product density and storage efficiency.

Gravity – We Specialize In Gravity Flow Systems

CSS has many patented products that perform in a wide range of gravity flow applications regardless of the environment or type of flow desired. The Concentric Storage Systems staff is ready to help you design, develop and support your carton flow or pallet flow project from start to finish.

  • Pallet Flow: First-In / First-Out
  • Carton Flow: First-In / First-Out
  • Push Back: Last-In/First-Out
  • Pallet Pick Tracks
  • Carton Flow Beds
  • Pallet-less slip sheet systems

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At Concentric Storage Systems, first-class products and experienced customer support are the heart of our operating values. We address the needs of our customers to provide answers that meet their requirements. We have put innovation to work by pioneering superior systems including our Dura-Flo Carton Flow, featuring our exclusive Dura-Flo™ Beam Hooks for added flexibility at a lower investment, and the UniversALL Flo™ “Pallet-less” Flow Systems for slip sheet applications.

Let Concentric Storage Systems bring that same innovative attitude and superior service to meeting your needs. With in-house engineering, design and testing for your specific needs, Concentric provides superior solutions to both new and existing facilities.