Carton Flow and Pallet Flow Solutions to make EVERY warehouse more efficient

Every warehouse application is different, every product type and load are different and only one company makes a solution for every gravity flow installation dilemma in every price range. Concentric Storage Systems manufactures carton flow and pallet flow solutions to get your warehouse product at the the picking position reliably and without any daily maintenance headaches. Carton flow options are available for traditional carton flow racks or heavy-duty options to fit into standard pallet rack. Pallet flow options are available in single or staggered wheel options or full-width rollers for damaged or hard to toll pallets. All Concentric Storage gravity flow solutions are engineered to help your product flow.

Carton Flow

Carton Flow Options

Carton Flow with plastic or aluminum wheels to flow any size carton – FIFO

Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Options

Pallet Flow options to flow any style pallet up to 25 pallets deep – FIFO

Push Back

Push Back Rack Options

Use Push Back Carts to store pallets up to 6 deep with automatic retrieval – LIFO

On-site testing with your actual product at your facility or ours to guarantee your product flows.

Concentric Storage has a full warehouse setup for testing and engineering specific to your product.  Let us take your difficult to flow pallets and cartons and find a solution that will get your product to the picking position every time.

Carton Flow Wheel
Carton Flow Aisle

The largest assortment of gravity flow products from any manufacturer.

Whether you need plastic wheel, metal wheel or aluminum roller, we manufacture it all and send to your job site fully assembled and ready to drop right into your rack.

Pallet Flow Engineered Braking Systems
Steel Wide-Roller Pallet Flow

Getting product to the picking position.

No one has more experience getting even the hardest of pallets or cartons to flow to the aisle and ready to pick than Concentric Storage Systems. Our Engineers are ready to test your product at our facility and guarantee flow once installation begins.

we work with pallets of all conditions that are often hard to flow and cartons and boxes that may be damaged and are prone to hang-ups. Let us help you get your product moving to the picking position.

Plastic Wheel Pallet Flow

Poly-Carbonate Wheel Pallet Flow come in a wide assortment of roller arrangements.

Durable Carton Flow

Full-bed rollers drop in and turn ordinary pallet rack into an order picking gravity flow system.

Metal Roller Pallet Flow

Metal roller widths from 4″ – 54″ to flow any size pallet in any condition.

Low-Profile Carton Flow

Drop D2 low profile carton flow into carton flow rack for a instant upgrade.