Push Back Systems Case Study 1

12 Deep Push Back Systems | Limited space for aisles and limited ceiling space.

janusDesign Challenge:
Their challenge was to store 12 pallet positions deep with limited space for aisles as well as limited ceiling space they needed to maximize their floor space. They also wanted to improve their quality control selection of batches. Their pallets we all 48” deep X 40” wide Chep pallets.

Concentric Storage designed a system utilizing our standard components in a push back environment without the height constants imposed by utilizing a cart system. CSS provided a 3 track system. The tracks were single, high impact, resin wheels on 3” centers with 3 pallet stops per track and entry extension feet. This design accomplished their need for quality control selection of batches and production rates.

shopcoPush Back Case Study 2

Order picking system to accommodate GMA, CPC, 3 bottom board and throw-away pallets with weights ranging from 500 to 2200 pounds

Food Distribution

Design Challenge:
Special order picking system to accommodate a wide variety of pallet from GMA, CPC (Canadian), 3 bottom boards pallets to throw-away pallets with weights ranging from 500 to 2200 pounds.

Concentric Storage recommended a 2 track section of rolled formed 97” long 3” high tracks. The tracks themselves would incorporate our standard steel wheels with 12 gauge channels. Due to a wide variety of pallets, a special stop was designed that has a higher ramp at 4 1/2” by 3 1/2” wide. This is significantly wider than our standard stop that is 3/4” wide by 6” long. This provided the loads with a gentle and secure stop without disturbing the products as they are being conveyed.