Wide/Metal Roller Pallet Flow Systems Case Study

draftexMetal Rollers Case Study

A global automotive parts manufacturer needed to store automotive parts in FIFO inventory, high through-put and few SKUs. They needed to flow four different styles of pallets & containers interchangeably within the same system.

Automotive Manufacturer

Design Challenge:
The design solution was complicated, since the customer wanted to use a multitude of pallets and containers, from collapsible plastic containers to European style pallets. CSS engineers realized that it would be difficult to flow these pallets on a resin wheel system. The surface of the containers & pallets dictated the only viable option a Gravity Metal Roller System. In addition to improving distribution and inventory flow, the customer wanted a system that would accomplish high productivity in less time, using less square footage and less manpower. CSS engineers took into consideration the load weight, container & pallet structure, along with the desired length of the system. After intensive research the CSS engineers determined the 48” wide roller provided superior flow capabilities safely carrying loads up to 1,400 pounds.

CSS manufactured and supplied a gravity metal roller system with over 80 lanes, 8 pallets deep. Each flow lane consists of 48” wide rollers that are 1.9” in diameter. The rollers were made of 16 gauge steel and two commercial ball bearing cartridges, which are permanently lubricated. Included in the flow lanes are indirect mounted speed controllers which are designed to maintain and control the speed of the descending pallet. This system was such a success they asked CSS to design an additional flow system for their facility.

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