Freewheeler Wheels

Concentric patented Freewheeler wheel designs for pallet flow and carton flow create a bearingless flow that is durable and is perfect for wash-down areas or food storage environments.  With no bearings, Freewheeler is more resistant to warehouses with dirt and dust or in cooler environments.

2df_bearinglessBearingless Wheel LD (FreeWheeler™)

This bearingless wheel is designed for guide tracks carton flow use and is rated for a maximum capacity of 12 lbs per wheel.
Part Number: WP-190-DF-100-PE-SG



2fw_bearinglessBearingless Wheel Heavy Duty (FreeWheeler™)

This bearingless wheel is designed for pallet flow use and has a reinforced rib design that aids in a maximum capacity of 275 lbs per wheel. It is impact resistant and acts as a complementary speed control device. It is ideal for wash-down, dusty or contaminated environments, as well as ambient or cooler environments.
Part Number: WP-190-DL-100-PC-BL