Dura-Flo D2 Carton Flow Product Specifications

Low=Profile Carton Flow Track

D-2 Easy Install Bracket

Adjustable End-Stop fits nearly every manufacturer’s carton flow shelves

Track widths will accommodate existing carton flow shelves of all sizes, leaving minimal gaps, and maximizing wheel coverage.  Installation is simple and easy with pre-installed end brackets with adaptability.

D-2 Carton Flow Roller Dimensions

Track height resembles overall profile of traditional carton flow tracks, eliminating the need for a package stop at the exit end of the system. Mounts low into the shelf, using the beam as a stop.

Dura-Flo D2 Carton Flow System Capacities (lbs. per/sq. ft.)

Load capacity is determined by the capacity of the shelf. Carton flow shelves offering support at a Minimum of 24″ centers will have in excess of 50lbs. per square foot capacity. Axles and wheels rated at a higher capacity than side channels. DuraFlo D2’s Heavy Duty design will hold up to all picking operations, and eliminate the need for constant plastic wheel track replacement. Maintenance will be a thing of the past with new DuraFlo D2.

Wheel Size:

• 1.125″ Diameter Wheel
• 1.4″ Wide Surface

Wheel Axle Centers

Center Depth Min. Carton Depth
2″ 6″
3″ 9″
4″ 12″

Dura-Flo D2 Track Specifications

D2 Tracks Track Width
#12 11.87″
#15 14.65″
Track Profile
1.125″ Side Channel
1.375″ Overall Track Height