Anti-Backup/Pawl Devices

pawlOur Anti-Backup/Pawl devices for pallet flow are designed to be installed in our tracks to keep pallets from being discharged off the back (entry) end of the system. There are different hold back devices for the different channel sizes and hole diameters and Concentric Customer Service and Sales can help you figure out what suits your pallet flow systems needs best.

Hold Back Device Operation
pawl_step1 Step 1:
The pawl device rest in the track in a vertical upright position.
pawl_step2 Step 2:
The pawl device tilts forward to allow pallets to load onto the system.
pawl_step3 Step 3:
The pawl device tilts back up vertically after the pallet passes through.
pawl_step4 Step 4:
The pawl device prevents pallets from moving back as forklift operators plug the load while unloading pallets from the exit end of the system.
pawl_step5 Step 5:
Pallets advance forward preparing for next loading / unloading from the system.