Guide Tracks

Guide Tracks for Pallet Flow from Concentric are designed to minimize pallet hang-ups on long pallet flow lanes while maintaining optimum flow throughout the system.  Bearingless wheels secured with Nylok nuts and a 5/16″ diameter bolts are used for all guide tracks to ensure a sturdy, maintenance-free lifetime.  Pallet Flow Guide Tracks keep pallets flowing in-line and to their picking position.

Technical Specifications

guidetrack_asem guidetrack_end
  1. Guide Track Channel – Our U-shape design is made from 16 Gauge material to maintain stability while keeping cost to a minimum.
  2. Bearingless Wheel – Our 1.9″ diameter light duty bearingless wheel is used for all guide tracks.
  3. Bolt – 5/16″ X 2″ Bolt
  4.  Nut – 5/16″ Nylok Nut
  5. Plastic Spacer – Our 5/16″ X 1-5/16″ plastic spacers are added throughout the track for greater stability.